Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why Do I Half Believe

Lesson Summary – 6 Oct 10
Lesson Text:  Matt 8:26
Sermon Series:  Whole and Not Broke”
Lesson Title: “Whole and Not Broke:  Why Do I Half-Believe?

            “He replied, ‘on you of little faith, why are you so afraid?’ Then He got up and
rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.”  Matt 8:26 NIV

Signs of emotional wholeness
·         No fear
·         Strength
·         Not easily shaken
·         Stable, unmovable

If you are waiting for the right time, it is really about fear
·         Fear breaks wholeness
·         Fear affects equilibrium (balance); will not do all you need to do
·         Fear contaminates your walk, talk, and thoughts
o   Elisha was afraid; sat under the broom tree
§  Stopped carrying out the mandate on his life
§  Inconsistent thoughts; not characteristic of one who called down fire from the
o   Disciples were afraid; in room behind closed doors, forgot everything they saw/knew
§  Jesus walking on water
§  Healing
§  Delivering
§  Mount of Transfiguration
§  Calmed seas
§  Called Peter out to him on water
·         When life happens, worry steps up
o   Worry:  the doorway to fear
o   Wondering if it will work out

·         Context ~
o   Disciples on a ship 680 ft below sea level; the sea that Jesus said to the disciples “let's go to the other side”
o   Without warning, weather went from clear to stormy
§  Without warning – life
§  At the exact time Jesus is sleeping in the bottom of the boat
o   Recurring event; earthquake in addition to winds
o   They are together, lives in eminent danger; prime time for emotions and fear
o   Why are you so afraid, as translated by Lightfoot (NT scholar), why do you half-believe?
§  Not that I don’t believe at all, but I don’t believe it all

What do you do when life happens (without warning)

1)      Decide not to fear
·         Fear cancels faith
·         The moment you become afraid, decide not to be afraid (make up your mind)
·         Ps 118:6, Eph 6:16, Ps 91:7, 11-12
·         Gates to Fear
o   Your will
o   Your words
o   Your eyes
o   Your ears

2)      Understand God’s protection
·         Isa 43: 1-2 (memorize)
·         Rom 8: 31 – 32
·         Jude 1:24

3)      Develop confidence in God’s promise
·         2 Pet 1:4
·         Weak faith muscles; lack of use causes atrophy
·         Work the muscles, must have faith
o   Battle of confidence is in the mind
o   Fill it with the word of God; builds confidence
o   There will be a warfare; renew the mind
§  2 Cor 10:5
§  Gal 6:9
§  Gen 8:22

4)      Live in God’s perfect love
·         1 John 4: 17 – 18
·         Agape: God-like love; no conditions or requirements
o   He will keep me no matter what
o   Even if I mess up; allows me to act on faith

3 D's of Debt

Lesson Summary – 29 Sept 10
Lesson Text:  Prov 22;7
Sermon Series:  Whole and Not Broke”
Lesson Title: “The 3D’s of Debt”

            “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” Prov 22:7 NIV

The 3 D’s of Debt
1.      Direction
2.      Drown
3.      Delay

1)      Direction ~ 2 Kgs 4: 1-7
·         You must be willing to take direction
o   One of two positions --  not knowing or knowing and not applying
·         Desperate housewife; husband died, creditors want to take sons to satisfy the debt
·         Man of God gave her instructions
o   Use what you have (oil) – deliverance, time, patience
o   Debt relief in her hands
o   She did not follow directions
§  Sent sons to collect jars
§  Ran out of jars; did not know how many jars she had
·         Man of God told her to sell the oil, pay debts, and live on what was left
o   Got only a portion of the overflow; lived on enough versus more than enough
o   Limited herself by not following directions
·         Ps 119:105 – remain in the dark
·         Ps 119: 11 – hide the Word in your heart
·         John 8:32 – the truth will set you free

2)      Drown ~ 2 Kgs 6:5
·         Context of the text
o   Building a larger church for God; more room for the Lord
o   Axe head:  very valuable tool, difficult to make, and is borrowed
·         The axe head fell in the water and sank to the bottom
·         Man of God threw a stick in the very place where the axe head fell and it swam to the top
o   Do God’s work and God is obligated to take care of your stuff

3)      Delay ~ Prov 22:7
·         God’s desire for us is an abundant life – John 10:10
·         Money = time
o   Minimum wage -- $8.25/hr; 1 hr of your life is worth $8.25
o   Debt takes time to pay off; time you can’t get back
o   Can’t move into destiny because time is subtracted from your life – the rich ruler (John 10: 17 – 22)
§  Told to sell all had and give to the poor, then he would have treasure in heaven
§  Went away sad because he had great wealth; he could not move into his destiny  because he was not willing to pay debt
§  Acts 5:5, Gen 5:16

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